Weapon and Armour Quality

Weapon and Armour quality is represented by modifiers. The available modifiers and their descriptions are listed below. These are general guidelines, and may not be accurate for all weapons.


-3 equipment is worthless. In that it has no monetary or crafting related value. A -3 sword is made from sticks and rocks, or perhaps some iron so horribly rusted as to be rendered a tetanus danger, if it weren’t so blunt. Armour of this quality is tattered cloth and broken chainmail. Plate armour so thin and ancient that it shatters on impact. Many undead or skeletons may be found in -3 armour, which augments their already formidable constitution.


Shoddily made and with poor quality materials to boot. -2 Equipment is in a sorry state, few will buy this, as it’s only value is being smelted down into raw materials. A -2 Longbow could be salvaged for a usable bowstring, and -2 platemail could be melted down into Iron Ingots.


Basic kit. -1 Equipment is average. It was made with decent materials and passable craftsmanship, but isn’t quite right. A -1 axe head might not quite sit sturdily enough on the haft, and a -1 Longsword wouldn’t be particularly well balanced. -1 Armour is ill fitting but certainly still useful. Most armour, if worn and not properly fitted, is lowered to -1 status. Likewise, weapons, when used and abused, will begin to deteriorate. Fresh parties of adventurers often have -1 gear, and it can be sold to some people for a small amount of coin.


Well made equipment, fit for adventurers, soldiers, guards, and lesser nobles. A Longsword is well balanced and feels good in the hand. Chainmail fits well and helps stop slashing attacks. Unmodified gear will deteriorate if not looked after, but can usually be restored with a whetstone or trip to the local smith. Gear of this quality can be sold to those looking to buy it for a decent price, though still a fraction of the cost that the smith would charge for it.


Either exceptionally well crafted or made from an exotic material, +1 equipment is very valuable. A Glassteel Longbow would be +1, as would a master crafted steel Longsword. +1 Plate Armour fit’s well and has fewer, smaller weak points. +1 Gear can be sold for a hefty price, but few could afford to buy a freshly made item.


Not only made from an exotic material, but a material renowned for it’s qualities. A Dragonglass dagger, Titanium Longsword, or Aluminium Crossbow would all be +2. Padded armour reinforced with dwarven liquid metal layers would be +2. Many +2 items are enchanted as they are forged, rendering them far more powerful than their +1 brethren. Buying a +2 piece of equipment is not an undertaking most can perform. Those capable of crafting such masterpieces rarely want money, as they already have plenty. Likewise, though they are extremely valuable, very few could afford to buy one of these, and if they can they likely already have.


Items of this quality are extremely valuable. A +3 Longsword has been crafted with the finest exotic materials, and forged with magically reinforced precision. The tools needed to create these items are often worth several times what the item itself is worth. Extremely few +3 items are not enchanted in some way, often times if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be +3 to begin with. The number of people who could afford to commission such an item on money alone can be counted on one hand, and even already built items fetch an incredible price. Ironically it is actually easier to find a buyer for a +3 item than a +2 item, but no matter how much you’re getting payed for it, you probably aren’t being payed enough.


These items are legendary. A +4 item is the sort of thing wars are fought over. These are the pieces of armour and weapons who’s names ring throughout history. Excalibur was +4, a blade of sunlight granted by a benevolent goddess is +4. Smiths capable of creating such items find themselves in the uncanny situation of having to choose which gods realm to enter upon death, as they all throw their doors wide hoping to acquire such a talented individual. You could not sell this item for a fair price. Nobody has the wealth required to commission or buy it. Gods and Goddesses grant these items as gifts for their champions, and they reflect that lofty heritage.

+5 and beyond.

You cannot wield this item. The power contained within such a weapon or armour is enough to kill you at a touch. Nobody alive can craft this equipment, most gods could not create it, and many gods couldn’t even wield it. A +5 or higher weapon could be used to destroy the plane of existence. Some mages theorise that the sorry state of the Aetherial plane is due to the use of these items. A +5 of higher piece of armour would kill most mortals, but their body would continue walking and killing long afterwards. Gods would vie for the purchase of these items, though you couldn’t expect to survive such a contest. For every god willing to grant favour and rewards for the equipment, three more would simply smite you where you stand and send followers to collect it. If you somehow manage to acquire an item of this much power, you must not allow it to fall into the wrong hands. Such items can be destroyed, and it is said that nothing can withstand the heat of Ankor Thrund.

Weapon and Armour Quality

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