Note: Ankor Thrund is what the dwarves call the mountain. Most humans call it Titan, and the Elves call it Palorin Tuure.

Far from the lands of Vienna and Apolyton, there sits a mountain of extraordinary size. None can comprehend the vastness of it, even if they have seen it. From a distance, one might marvel at the dense cloud cover around Titan and it’s crown of smaller neighbours. Once you get closer however, you realize those aren’t clouds. You would crane your neck back, looking up past the solid expanse of white snow covered mountain side stretching up as a far as you can see, and on a clear night, and with enchantments or technology augmenting your sight, you might see the top as a distant, glowing, blue peak.

Titan’s peak is 63.6 miles high (102 kilometres) and is said to glow a hot blue, not dissimilar to the centre of dragonfire. The closest anybody has ever gotten to the top is 12.7 miles (20 kilometres). To put that in perspective, clouds float at 3.1 miles (6 kilometres).

The mountain, is in fact a volcano, or, at the very least, it erupts. Titan remains dormant most of the time, but it has intermittent active periods which can last anywhere from a week to several years and have gaps of hours or decades between them. The most recent active period occurred 11 years ago, and lasted one week. During it’s active period, an Aurora Borealis spreads from the mountainside and covers the globe, it is not known how or why this occurs, but it has been noted that falling star activity increases in conjunction with the Aurora appearing. The mountain then regularly erupts during the same hours each day for the remainder of it’s active period, these eruptions are visible from the ground as a flaring of it’s dragonfire peak, and cause an expulsion of material that rains down across the planet for months after the eruption. This material is called Titanium, named after the mountain it originated from.

These eruptions cause earthquakes across the entire planet, though they are strongest in the area around Titan. Massive avalanches blanket the area, usually killing off the nearby rainforest, leaving the area around Titan a snow covered plain in the centre of a large rainforest.

The eruptions have had an effect on the area surrounding it, Titan’s Crown, as it has come to be known, is the ring of smaller mountains (only 31.7 miles high, half that of Titan) surrounding the mountain, which seem to have been forced up by the earthquakes. The Crown also refers to the vast area of snow lands spreading out from these mountains, as they stand in stark contrast to the rainforest that surrounds them.


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